When you have a technology 'career' by day and a background full of art and activism by night how to blend them?


July 5, 2012

Dear Readers,

If you are reading this blog for the first time, or if you have read it many times before, please consider supporting it and the writers whose voices it seeks to amplify. The Black Girl Dangerous Writing Workshop for queer, trans*, and gender-non-conforming writers of…

This video inspires me to keep making work on this subject which I love so much even though sometimes I fear my smaller, more insular community is tired of it.


A video about transgendered artists. I found it very interesting. It even shows a clip of Lady Gaga’s Telephone video featuring one of the artists.

One rather handsome transgendered man (initially a woman) gained over 20 pounds of muscle all for the sake of art. It is amazing that people manipulate their own bodies in a similar fashion to how a painter handles paint, or how a sculptor handles clay. It is quite fascinating to me.

Take a look.

We can all help bring out the creativity in people by not acting like the world can be divided into creatives and non-creatives - it’s not a god-given thing that some people have and others don’t.


“That opting out [of creativity] that happens in childhood … moves in and becomes more ingrained by the time you get to adult life.”

IDEO’s David Kelley on how to build your creative confidence. Also see Jonah Lehrer on how creativity works and some reasons we opt out of it as adults.

When Obama endorsed same-sex marriage…


… wedding planners were all:

When I realize I’m the oldest person in the room, I’m like

The thing is, the person running that Tumblr is probably still at least 10 years younger than me!


Oh man. This cuts way too close to home.  Note to self: stop doing this sh*t. Now.


Over the past few years, I’ve been honing my skills in self-sabotage. Graduate school has helped me refine techniques that I’ve been gradually acquiring my entire life. Now, I feel like I’ve reached a point where I need to give back and share some of my insights on the art of self-sabotage — which…


There have been many, many views of my post on white silence, many re-blogs, and much discussion, and I just want to clarify a few things:

I am not calling for “commentary” from my white friends about issues of race. I am not calling for my white friends to tell me that they understand what it…

I love this meme sooooo much :)

I love this meme sooooo much :)


The recent illustrations of Siri, the iPhone 4S voice-recognition based assistant, failing to provide information to users about abortion, birth control, help after rape and help with domestic violence has gotten a lot of notice. Yesterday’s post with screenshots from a Twitter conversation I was…


Punk will never diet.


Punk will never diet.