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git stash

Ya, that’s exactly how I hope it works.

The camel doesn’t have two humps: Programming “aptitude test” canned for overzealous conclusion | Retraction Watch   

" wise people trying to make progress will keep a more open mind about what computing might be about, what it means to teach computing while the field is still being invented"

I love me some Edie Fake.

McCormCorp: Dear non-fat friends,


These are shitty things you do, A LOT, which bother me, quite a bit:


- Post pictures of some really rich meal you’re eating and add captions like “this is why I’m fat” or “#fatass”. Fat people don’t eat like that all the time, if we did we wouldn’t maintain a steady weight - we’d always be…

agentfin: The UX of Community in Contested Space

Amazing analogy.


Urban Cycling : Bike Lanes :: The Internet : A Code of Conduct

I’ve been struggling to try to put into words why a Code of Conduct is so important in tech. It’s difficult. Particularly since the issue has been so thoroughly polarized into one of women vs men. Particularly since any attempt to…


$59.99 addition-elle Canada!submitted by evyeditor’s note: i used to have this exact outfit when i was 11 and got chosen to be bus monitor.  sad personal note: the ‘patrol’ sash didn’t fit me because i was too fat.

OMG.  I was totally too fat for the patrol sash too and it was all I wanted in the world to wear that bright orange plastic harness and look ‘official’.  Oh well, let’s be honest, I was just there for the free hot chocolate in the mornings.

Neil Gaiman: I was reading a book (about interjections, oddly enough) yesterday...


I was reading a book (about interjections, oddly enough) yesterday which included the phrase “In these days of political correctness…” talking about no longer making jokes that denigrated people for their culture or for the colour of their skin. And I thought, “That’s not actually anything to do…

Margaret Leibovic: Hacking Firefox OS Apps with Github Pages


While planning a workshop for Dare2BDigital, a technology conference for young women, Lukas and I were looking for an easy way for girls to edit and test their own Firefox OS apps. We were trying to think of where we could host these apps when we decided to try using Github pages.

I’d never…

Nailed it.


So there’s these hashtags trending on twitter - (trend is probably over by now but hell, I can’t sleep).

#1reasonwhy there aren’t more women in game development

  1. Most women realize they’ll have to choose between having kids and having a full sized career in game development - the hours we work,…

Racist Moments of 2012, Pt.1 ~The Workplace~

Just seeing this company’s ads in the Muni stations made me so friggin’ mad at them for the blatant homophobic/woman-hating, their website too, and this man’s story now confirms from the inside the effed up-ness I suspected from their graphic design choices.  Hang in there qu33riousity - I hope that any actions you take hit them wherever it can hurt them the most.


In August I worked full time at a start up in San Francisco, a gaming company in the financial District.  For reasons I outline at the end of this recollection, I cannot name the company or use the real names of anyone in the office I discuss.  I can say that ironically, months before working there, I took a picture of one of their (MANY) ads plastered all over the downtown BART stations, as well as in the trains themselves:

Yeah, I worked for that misleading eyesore.  I was offered the job while I was at a coffee shop a few blocks from my new spot in Oakland, maybe not even a week after returning to The Bay from New Orleans.  I was approached by a person who runs a contracting “company,” hiring video game testers to work at various game companies.  Literally, he walked up to me as I was drinking coffee and doing computery things and asked “Excuse, do you play video games?” 


He gave me his contact info and walked away. I turned to Li like “was that for real or was he being an uber creep and hitting on me?” At this point I wish it was the latter and nothing more came of it.

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